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Music and Audio Clips

Some people play audio clips in the room as participants are coming into the room. The idea is to help to create a difference in environment between outside and inside the lecture room. The sound doesn't have to be music, although it often is. You could try using bird song, or 'mystery' sounds related to the topic - the opening question of the lecture could then be "what do you think that sound was?" The University has a licence with the Performing Rights Society and you can play legally purchased music or other audio clips in the lecture theatre under this licence. You can also get free music and other sound files from these sites, as well as many others:

Free Music Archive has thousands of songs that you can freely use.
The Open Music Archive is another sound library but it focuses more on older music that has fallen out of copyright (mostly pre-1920s)
Classical Music Archives (up to 5 free downloads per day)
Partners in Rhyme - link to free 'midi' files that you can play on a computer

All of these sites have fee paying services as well as free clips, so be careful what you download and use.

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