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Early attention grabbers



Having a cartoon, photograph or other image on the screen as people come in and get settled down can be a good attention-getter. You could choose something

  • simple which illustrates directly the topic
  • which is somewhat tenuously linked to the topic, to get them thinking about what the relevance to the lecture might be
  • amusing about the topic
  • which illustrates current affairs related to the topic
  • which shows where you'd like to be if you weren't in the lecture theatre with them.

The MMU library has a detailed guide to finding and using digital images which covers the copyright issues, as well as detailed copyright guidance and an online training resource on Copyright for Teaching Materials.

Cartoons can be effective. Like other forms of humour they need to be used carefully. Also, cartoonists rarely give out their work for free, so check copyright carefully.

All of the websites below are online libraries that collate images and media available under a creative commons (CC) license. If you are unsure about the different types of licences, what they mean, and how to credit work, the Creative Commons website gives a really useful overview.

You can also change the search parameters of Google Images and Flickr to only display images that are available under a CC license.

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