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Summaries of Progress

Ask students to work in pairs to summarise the lecture so far and then to discuss their summary with the pair sitting behind or in front of them.

Suggest to them that they share their notes and that finding out what other people thought was important, and discussing it with them, is a useful way of learning other people's priorities and of catching up on anything they might have missed themselves.

You can ask three or four pairs to provide a point each from their summaries.

This is a helpful way of checking that things are going as expected and that you all share a view on what has been important so far. Allow 7-10 minutes:

3 minutes - initial discussion in pairs
2 minutes - reconciliation of notes with a second pair
2 minutes – asking a few pairs for one point each
2-5 minutes - clarifying any muddled points if necessary

You can suggest that if students have found this useful, that they get together in small groups after the session to review the notes for the whole session.

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