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Testing your Friends

Suggest that each pair try to think of a quick 'test' question on the material you've just covered for the pair sitting behind/in front of them and see if the other pair can answer correctly. In turn, the other pair will then ask them 'their' question.

You'll probably need up to ten minutes to do this properly:

1 minute to explain the activity
3 minutes for each pair to think of a question
2-3 minutes for the first pair to ask the question, receive an answer, and give feedback to the other pair
2-3 minutes for the second pair to ask the question

Time the activity carefully and signal when they should move to the next stage.

You don't need to get anyone to report back from this exercise, but you might ask them to hand in their questions and answers on their way out to give you an idea of what they have thought of as important and if they have asked the kinds of questions you might have expected. (See One Minute Paper for an extension of this idea).

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