Learning and Teaching in Action

Instructions to authors

The review process for LTiA, although rigorous, is intended to work primarily as a collaboration and supporting exercise. The aim is to enhance the quality and relevance of the papers for colleagues at MMU. We can also make suggestions about getting your work published in a relevant peer reviewed educational journal if possible. For this reason, reviews are not anonymous and reviewers may contact authors directly with suggestions and support.

We encourage contributions of different types.  These could be:

  • research papers
  • practice papers or case studies
  • conference reports, or
  • other contributions relevant to the journals’ audience and related to learning and teaching topics.

We will finalise the formatting, but you are asked to use the template at the link below to ensure that contributions are presented consistently.


Contributions should:

  • Include a 150 word max abstract
  • Present the background to the study and the main aims/questions/problems that the study addresses
  • Indicate the context in which the study is set (the courses/subjects/departments)
  • Where appropriate (for example, if reporting a case study), describe the practice that has taken place in sufficient detail
  • Be grounded in relevant research literature relating to the study area
  • Provide a clear rationale for the methodological and/or theoretical approaches adopted in the study
  • Describe and justify data collection and statistically analysis methods; describe any evaluation methods used
  • Discuss all of the results presented in the study
  • Consider how the findings have been, or can be, used to improve learning and teaching; in the case of practice papers or case studies, highlight the main lesson learned from the practice/cases study (aspects of good practice and pitfalls to be avoided)
  • Where appropriate, set out plans for future practice development or further research

Important notes:

  • The author must have copyright for the images used an article. All images must include appropriate attributions.
  • All images, including charts and graphs, need to be sent separately from the text and in high resolution (150dpi or over)
  • All images, charts and graphs need to be accompanied by a caption and an  to aid those with screen readers. RNIB guidance on ALT text.