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Spring 2002
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Learning + Teaching Unit

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Issue 1: Widening Participation and Access

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Rachel Forsyth

Widening Participation and Student Support
Sheila Aynsley Smith

Overcoming Barriers - Widening access to Higher Education
Ann Barlow

The University Foundation Year: a Work in Progress
Karen Moore

Online Mentoring - A Role in Widening Participation?
Mark Kent

Supporting Students to Improve Retention
Pauline Hearn

The Attraction, Support and Retention Project
Philip Lloyd and Louise Willmot

Connexions: a bridge for Widening Participation
Lydia Meryll

Visit days: do they really encourage students to choose us?
Susan McGrath

Widening Participation: the National Challenge
Geoff Layer

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Rachel Forsyth, Learning and Teaching Unit


Learning and Teaching in Action is designed to bring you up to date with developments in learning and teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University and across the Manchester area. It will be published termly by the Learning and Teaching Unit. As well as disseminating good practice in learning and teaching, Learning and Teaching in Action will tackle the issues facing teachers and planners in the higher education sector from an MMU point of view. It aims to be lively, informative and practical.

For our inaugural issue, we are delighted to be covering the important topic of Widening Participation and Access. Making higher education accessible to all is an essential - and challenging - part of our university strategy, and we thought that you would find it useful to read about the innovative and exciting approaches being taken by colleagues to achieve this goal.

Sheila Aynsley Smith, Head of Student Services, introduces this issue with an overview of the current issues facing the University as we try to widen participation. With contributions from Pauline Hearn, Ann Barlow and Mark Kent from Student Services, and Susan McGrath from External Relations, you will get an insight into the way the central units are co-ordinating action on these issues. Philip Lloyd and Louise Willmot, Lydia Meryll and Karen Moore provide you with specific examples of how strategy is being applied in individual departments and faculties. Finally, Geoff Layer, Professor of Lifelong Learning and Dean of the School of Lifelong Education and Development at the University of Bradford, offers an overview of the ways in which UK Higher Education will need to develop provision to meet the challenges ahead in terms of increasing participation rates.

The summer term issue of Learning and Teaching in Action will cover Communications and Information Technology, including online learning. If you would like to contribute to the issue, please contact me at the email address below, or via the Learning and Teaching Unit, All Saints.

I hope you enjoy reading Learning and Teaching in Action, and look forward to receiving your comments and contributions to future issues.

Contact me:

Rachel Forsyth, Learning and Teaching Unit

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