Spring 2007
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Interactive Whiteboards at MMU Library

In previous editions of LTiA, the library has publicised our InfoSkills and EndNote training sessions which we make available for both staff and students.

During the past year the InfoSkills team have been investigating ways of making the training interactive, participative and more visually stimulating for the trainees. The outcome of this research has been an investment in Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) which have now been installed in all sites and are being used in a variety of training sessions.

The importance of making training interactive in order to facilitate active learning has long been established and IWB technology is a great way of achieving this. Students coming into HE from schools have often been taught with such technology and expect a high level of participation in their learning. The library has recognised the importance of this, and along with installing IWBs and accompanying software in its teaching rooms has also organised a hands-on training day for library staff, an online training module and other support materials for all teaching library staff. These measures will ensure the boards are used to their full potential.

The success of this training has been immediate, with staff keen to integrate the technology into their training sessions and attain a level of interaction with students that was not previously possible. The InfoSkills and EndNote sessions have been well received by both students and staff. Students have been more involved, the sessions more relaxed and the evaluation feedback universally positive. Academic staff have also been impressed, commenting on the effectiveness of using the board in training sessions.

If you would like to organise an InfoSkills training session for your students and see the IWB in action, please speak to your subject librarian who will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can contact the InfoSkills Team at: infoskills-lib-enq@mmu.ac.uk

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