Spring 2007
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Writing for Learning and Teaching in Action

Learning and Teaching in Action welcomes articles from you on any aspect of Learning and Teaching. Issues are often themed, and individuals may be invited to submit related articles but we will also have ‘open’ issues which are not themed. You may wish to submit articles on learning and teaching developments, ‘viewpoint’ articles giving your opinion on issues in learning and teaching, book and journal reviews, meeting reports or simply articles of ‘news’ relevant to learning and teaching at MMU or elsewhere.

We do not have a house style as such; it is a more informal document where contributions are usually written in an informal style, although many people use it as a stepping stone to full publication, so it can reflect this. The length can be flexible, depending on the nature of the piece, and contributions range from 1500 for a case study type article to 5000 words for a more academic article with a full literature review. We also welcome illustrations, screenshots, quotes from participants, photographs, diagrams or charts to lighten the text. The aim is to make the document both informative and accessible.

The print based version of the publication is sent to members of the Directorate, Heads of Department, Chairs of Faculty Academic Development Committees, representatives of the North West Universities Association and our other partners in the region.

Authors' Check List

When submitting articles could you make sure that you:

  • Submit articles in Word or RTF format, with images sent separately.
  • Please ensure that: the resolution of the figure is suitable for both a web-based (72dpi) and printed based (200/300dpi) version.
  • Include the title of the article.
  • Include a list of authors and their affiliations and contact addresses.
  • Include the email address and telephone number of the corresponding author.
  • Cite tables and figures within the text but do not include these in the body of the manuscript.
  • Obtain written permission from subjects if you wish to include their photograph.
  • Acknowledge sources of financial support and / or affiliations.
  • Make sure you have written authorisation to include non-original graphics.
  • Use the 'Harvard style' for referencing.
  • Include complete titles in the reference list, which should be in alphabetical order.
  • When referencing a web page please give the date at which the page was accessed.
  • Place Tables at the end of the text file: one per page.
  • Place Figure legends on a separate page at the end of the text file.
  • Book reviews should include the complete book title, publisher information, author detail and ISBN number and, if possible, the retail price.

Please submit articles electronically to: m.m.dawson@mmu.ac.uk

Many thanks, Maureen

From the Editor


Maureen Dawson
Learning and Teaching Unit

Please submit articles electronically to: m.m.dawson@mmu.ac.uk
telephone: 0161 247 1205