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News from the Library

Joint Library and ICTS Student Inductions

After a successful pilot at Didsbury in 2007, it has been decided to roll out joint ICTS and Library induction sessions to all MMU sites. Feedback from both staff and students indicated that collaboration is a useful way to help successfully orientate new MMU members, and avoids the duplication that sometimes occurs when separate inductions take place.

Joint inductions will take 30-40 minutes and will guide students through the basics of accessing their network accounts/facilities and getting started in the Library. All ICTS services, including Reprographics and AV, will be covered, alongside library services. Supported by the award winning InfoCard, first year students will be well equipped to start using these services from the outset. Having seen some 9300 students last year, we look forward to repeating such a healthy level of contact this year.

To book an induction for your students, please contact your subject librarian who will arrange for the joint induction to take place. If you require additional or specialised sessions for your students, please discuss your needs with your subject librarian who will be able to provide a suitable InfoSkills session.

Tell us what you think … we’re listening

In the last issue of LTiA the Library asked for your thoughts and comments on any aspect of the service we offer. You can now see a summary of the comments we receive each term on the Tell us what you think: customer feedback summary section of the library website. This section also details the response our service makes. The feedback for the summer term replies to 179 comments, both positive and negative. We are delighted that the most feedback received concerned the friendliness and helpfulness of library staff. Many university members commented on the noise levels in the Library: in response to this we have introduced zones for quiet, silent and group work so that customers can choose to work in the area which most suits their needs. We also have zones for phone use, and noise patrols are regularly undertaken in all libraries. We have recently produced a Customer Charter which provides a Code of Conduct and, along with the Library Rules and Regulations, authorises sanctions for disruptive behaviour. The Customer Charter has been agreed with the Students’ Union, and the Student Experience Sub-Committee and Academic Development Committee have approved both the Charter and the Rules and Regulations. We would like to thank you for your feedback so far, and encourage you to continue to provide us with your valuable input so that we can carry on improving our service.

Extended Opening at All Saints Library

In response to calls for extended opening, the Sir Kenneth Green Library at All Saints piloted new, longer hours between Monday 7th April 2008 and 19th June 2008. During this time the Library and Computer Drop-in were open at the following times:

Monday – Thursday until 23.30 | Sunday until 21.30

Feedback from this trial has been extremely encouraging and customers have certainly appreciated the longer opening hours. Occupancy levels have been high, even managing to reach 300 at 8pm on a Sunday evening. Following the pilot we are now considering the longer term practicalities of embedding extended opening into our normal service provision.

Kenneth Green Library