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Learning and Teaching Projects Database

As a result of an input of funding from the HEA Pathfinder project, CeLT has developed an exciting and innovative database of current practice, projects and areas of interest in learning and teaching at MMU.

A small team led by Bill Johnston has been working for the last six months on the development of the database – Lia Aston has been responsible for the construction of the database and populating it, whilst Dennis Pass has done the footwork associated with getting individuals and groups around the university to write up their current activity and, where appropriate, producing video to enhance the entries in the database.

The number of entries in the database is expanding rapidly, with 15 projects currently documented and several more in the pipeline. In addition there is now an excellent keyword search facility linked to both the projects and to ‘Learning and Teaching in Action’. As Huw Morris, Dean of the Business School, remarked, “Capturing the data in the database as you have demonstrated is excellent”.

Try it out at www.celt.mmu.ac.uk/ltprojectsdb/ and let us know what you think.

We will be approaching individuals and groups over the coming months to persuade them to contribute additional material, but in the meantime if you are currently involved in something that you think should be in the database, do contact Bill Johnston (b.johnston@mmu.ac.uk) and we will gladly add your contribution. Any database is only as good as its content – so all ideas are very welcome.

New to Teaching Programme

The 3-day New to Teaching Programme will run again in March. The first two deliveries in September and November 2008 resulted in 24 participants successfully completing the 3-day programme.

Autumn 2008
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