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The use of RFID and DLA technology

A pilot is currently being undertaken at Aytoun Library into asset tracking of book stock utilising RFID technology. RFID tags were placed in all of Aytoun’s book stock during summer 2008. To track stock, the Library is using 3M ™ Security’s Digital Library Assistant (DLA). As a component of the 3M ™ RFID System, the hand-held DLA instantly reads 3M ™ RFID Tags on library materials. It is expected that this multi-functional device will allow library staff to re-shelve, search and weed stock more effectively. Whilst performing shelf-reading and searching functions, the DLA can also simultaneously perform inventory scans.

Of course, it is hoped that use of the DLA and the attendant RFID technology will save time, increase productivity and discover errors that may otherwise have gone undetected. Many of these errors will have been difficult to quickly or easily detect by the human eye, for example, incorrect barcodes, cataloguing errors or mislabelling.

The ultimate aim is to produce a more orderly library through tighter stock control and thus enhance student exploitation of print material.

RFID tags are currently being fitted to book stock at the All Saints Library.

It is also worth noting that the use of RFID tags maximises the efficiency of the self-issue process, the introduction of which has already proved liberating and empowering for library users and has provided greater flexibility in the use of their time within the library.


Extended opening hours at All Saints Library

Following the successful pilot reported on in the previous issue of LTiA, extended opening hours for All Saints have now been firmly established and so term-time opening hours for All Saints are as follows:-

Monday - Thursday

08.45 - 23.30


08.45 - 18.00


10.00 - 16.00


12.00 - 23.30

It should be noted that Counter, short loan and help desk services will close at 20.45 Monday to Thursday and at 18.00 Sunday. After these times self service issue and discharge of books will be available. The Library will also be open for reference and study use.

The introduction of self-service technology at the All Saints Library has helped facilitate these increased opening hours and these extended opening hours have been introduced in response to student need and demand.

Spring 2009
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