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The Student-Tutor Relationship

A meaningful interaction between students and their tutor can enable students to feel supported, motivated and sometimes, inspired. The way a tutor conceives of a student may change depending on the student and on the academic relationship as it develops (Figure 1).

As shown in Figure 2, the two most important facets of a fruitful relationship are that ‘the tutor cares about me, and ‘helps me improve my work’.

How do you think of your students?

Consider how this changes our perceptions - if we think of our students as "future colleagues", for example, what implications does that have for the way we interact with students in tutorial settings?

Consumer, Future colleague, Junior researcher, Recipient of a service, Partner in learning, Customer, Co-producer, Pupil, Work in progress, Investor,  Co-inquirer, Learner, Apprentice

Figure 1

How do students see the tutor-student relationship?

The bar chart below shows data from the MMU Student Awards for teaching staff. The nominations for the category of Best Personal Tutor have been analysed to provide these figures.

Figure 2