Students as Partners

2. Student Engagement in Course and Assessment Design


Through the Student Engagement Toolkit and the Student Engagement Partnership project, the NUS have developed resources designed for students' unions and institutions to work together enhancing students' academic engagement:

  • Enhancing Engagement Practices: This section contains information supporting the processes of enhancing student engagement. There is also additional information on feedback from students.
  • Resources: This section contains tools and resources to support institutions and students' unions in debating, analysing and enhancing student engagement practices.


The HEA report Assessment: A Marked Improvement refers to the need within an institution to:

  • Promote the engagement of students in the assessment process to ensure their understanding of the role of assessment in learning.
  • Foster collaboration and the development of a common understanding of professional and academic standards.

Programme teams should ensure that this can be designed into the learning experience for all students.


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