Problem Based Learning



If you are using PBL for learning and teaching in your practice, remember to reflect on its use and ask your students what they think about this approach and in what way it is useful for their learning. Consider asking a colleague to review such activities or team teach. The further resources below might also be useful for deeper exploration and engagement with PBL. Reflection and evaluation using various sources, will help you refine your approach in the future and you might turn one of your PBL interventions into a research project and disseminate.

Please also get in touch if you would like UTA to create a Good Practice Exchange video to showcase your work in this area.





CPD Opportunities

Interested in an introductory PBL workshop?

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Suggested CPD activities:

Engage with the resources about and reflect on what you have discovered and learnt.

Develop your ideas around by considering actions you can take to enhance your practice.

Consider using a portfolio to capture your reflections and share with others.

flex You might want to consider engaging with these activities and gaining CPD experience or academic credits with the FLEX scheme »

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